Facts About Me!

I need to take my mind off a lot of things, so I’m here posting random facts about myself that you may or may not know and find interesting. So here goes.


1.     I am 5’4″ (164cm). Many people find me short. Heck, my parents think I’m stunted. But I’m proud that I’m of an average American female height. Does that make me an honorary American now?! I hope so!

2.     I am 45kg. Yeah yeah, calculate my BMI now, why don’t you. I’m grossly underweight, I know that. But that doesn’t stop my distaste for food. Pun intended.

3.     I fangirl. The Wanted, Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers, Jonas Brothers.. Anything that hosts Caucasian males with above average looks, and I’m there. If that makes me a perv, so be it. 

4.     I am fussy when it comes to food. I refuse to eat anything with onions, weird herbs, and anything strangely new to me. Oh that and I don’t drink anything carbonated. Or artificially coloured. It’s not healthy at all.

5.     I have mild OCD. My handwriting reflects it all. Like any other teenager, I have an occasionally messy bedroom. But I can’t leave it messy for more than a few days. I’ll go crazy and start spring cleaning even when I have more important things to do. But note, I do not leave my room dirty. I leave it messy. And don’t get me started on dirt. Disgusting.

6.     My favourite dessert of all time is frozen yogurt. Oh God I am obsessed with frozen yogurt. If you know me well enough, you will probably know that I can’t go more than a few weeks without frozen yogurt. I will contract severe withdrawal symptoms. Someone even joked that my froyo is probably laced with nicotine at the rate I eat it. But hey, I’m proud. It gives me something to live for. 

7.     My favourite lip balm flavour is strawberry. I’m sure everyone loves the smell of strawberries, let alone its taste. Amazing.

8.     Floral scents are the best. They beat musky and fruity scents any day. 

9.     My favourite colour is pink. Does that come as a shock to you? With my hard exterior and all. Hahaha. I’m actually a true girl at heart. I’m not kidding. I had the largest Barbie collection when I was a little girl okay.

10.   I hate Math. People always say that linguistically-inclined individuals tend to fare better at language (thus the title linguistically-inclined) as opposed to Math. And since I’d like to think that I’m linguistically inclined, I have an excuse for being bad at Math.

11.   I am stone cold. I really am. I try to be emotionless. I believe that showing emotion reflects vulnerability. And I don’t like showing that I am weak. Because I believe that being strong gets you through the toughest of times. Let me tell you this, when I cry for you, it means you’re pretty damn special.

12.   I can’t sleep without music. True story. Imagine how much my home electricity bills are. My radio is on pretty much 24/7, if I’m home. I can’t study without music either. I think silence is deafening.

13.   I think candy is disgusting. Okay typing that just made me feel retarded. But I can’t stand the sickeningly sweet taste of sugar and artificial food colouring in one small piece of candy. Chocolate, I don’t mind. Ice cream, definitely not. But not candy. Despicable.

14.   One day I hope to visit or live in America. Everyone who knows me well will know that I am not exactly proud about my Asian heritage. I’m fascinated by Americans. Blame the mass media. But one day I hope to roam the streets of America, walk through the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, watch a musical on Broadway, shiver in Minnesota.. That’s my biggest dream.

15.   I like keeping to myself. Although sometimes I feel the need for companionship, I actually favour a solitary life. To be independent and liberated from all the things that tie me down.

16.   I am a control freak who refuses to be controlled. I like being able to do what I want. Under my terms and conditions. That totally makes me sound like a bitch, but I’m cool with that. I took a personality quiz in school that told me I was 100% a control freak. It kind of scared me. Then I realised that maybe it isn’t such a bad thing. Keeps me sane, after all. But if you try to control me.. You’ll never hear the end of it.

17.   My favourite season? Christmastime. Nope. Not Chinese New Year. I may be superficial, but not that superficial. Although I love the shopping and ang pows of Chinese New Year, nothing beats the bustle and fellowship which Christmas brings. 

18.   I DESPISE LAST MINUTE WORK. Maybe it is a female syndrome but I like doing things according to plan. And last minute work is definitely not my definition of “according to plan”. 

19.   I curse and swear like a trooper. I know, I know. It’s not polite to cuss. Neither is it very ladylike or attractive. But hey, everyone already thinks I’m boyish anyway. I’m just giving them what they want.

20.   I believe in karma. And she is one hell of a bitch. I know being Christian means I’m probably not allowed to dwell on the beliefs of other religions, but I strongly believe in retribution. If God doesn’t give you what you deserve, the Universe will. Otherwise, I’ll bitch slap you myself. 


Being the physically aged person I am, my shoulders are already starting to ache from crouching over my keyboard and typing this. And I swear I’m going to need glasses if I continue squinting at the glare of my desktop. 


I will post more facts once I’ve solved my identity crisis, whether or not you’ll read them. Love to all!


Author: Natalie Ha

I remember being enthralled with the written word ever since my parents started reading fairytales to me at a young age. Seeing the power it has to influence behaviours and mindsets, I have learned, over the years, to translate my thoughts onto paper, in an attempt to positively disrupt the lives of others. Having my written works published in various forms of media has empowered me to weave stories that people can resonate with. I look forward to the life-long process of perfecting this craft, and hope to see my work touch the hearts of many in the future. This blog attempts to do just that - and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy penning it down.

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