Best Of Friends

It is 11:30pm. The date is 13th November 2012. I have been studying Chemistry all night. STPM is just 6 days away. Wait, in 30 minutes it’ll be 5 days away. So much for a Happy Birthday. I decide to stretch my legs a little and take a walk around the living room. I see that my parents are still awake, which is weird. I don’t suspect anything, though. They probably just want to stay up till 12 to wish me a happy birthday.

By 11:45pm, I am tired. Earlier, I had sat down to watch some TV but Astro was being repetitive and boring as usual. I tell my parents I want to go to bed, but they didn’t want to hear it. They say I should stay awake at least until 12am because I am finally turning 19. I don’t understand their logic, but I continue to watch some TV with them anyway. What’s even weirder? My dad was watching MTV with me.

The clock strikes 12am. I retreat into my room because my phone is ringing. People are calling to wish me Happy Birthday. I hear the door outside open and close, but I assume my parents just want to make sure everything is all right outside.

Then, I hear loud banging on my door as if someone is trying to rob me. I open my door and I see two lunatics holding cakes and screaming “HAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!!” to me. I yell in shock and think to myself “My neighbours are going to hate me.” But I am filled with absolute joy and love.

Two of my best friends had gone out for some drinks earlier and I declined their invitation because I had to study. Apparently they had gone to Starbucks and bought some cakes for me, called my mother and asked her for permission to surprise me. I was overwhelmed. For the rest of the night, we chatted, ate cakes and laughed, the way we did when we were in secondary school.




These are my best friends. One of us is away pursuing her studies in Perth, and we haven’t seen each other in over a year. But our bond remains unbreakable. We don’t let distance and time wear and tear our friendship, because it means way more to us than anyone will ever comprehend.

We are silly 20-year-olds who still have sleepovers, say the silliest things, share our secrets, sing out loud to songs we like, and make fun of the things we don’t like. When we meet up, we do not need to spend a lot of money or go to special places. All we need is a place to sit and we’ll be occupied and entertained by each other’s presence. If any of you have friends like I do, keep them close. They are the best friends you will ever have. I am blessed just knowing that I have such amazing friends to get me through good and bad times.

This is to the years of friendship we’ve already had and to the many more we will have in the future.

Author: Natalie Ha

I remember being enthralled with the written word ever since my parents started reading fairytales to me at a young age. Seeing the power it has to influence behaviours and mindsets, I have learned, over the years, to translate my thoughts onto paper, in an attempt to positively disrupt the lives of others. Having my written works published in various forms of media has empowered me to weave stories that people can resonate with. I look forward to the life-long process of perfecting this craft, and hope to see my work touch the hearts of many in the future. This blog attempts to do just that - and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy penning it down.

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