Hello everyone. I have been on a hiatus recently (isn’t that what I say all the time?). No one ever told me being an undergrad would be this tough! I haven’t slept enough over the past week and I haven’t even studied for my midterms. No, I haven’t been out partying. Who the heck parties when their campus is in the middle of nowhere?

I have been juggling literature reviews and reports, as well as tutorial questions and replacement classes! Being subjected to such extreme levels of laziness for 9 months has really spoiled me. On the bright side, my gears are finally grinding. Unfortunately, they’re grinding way too fast and hard. It’s like when you haven’t used a machine in a long time, and without warming it up properly, you just let it work for days at a time without turning it off. That’s almost the way I feel right now. And I promise, I will bring in more meaningful updates and not just self-absorbed posts about myself being busy, and a huge-ass picture of my tired face. I do hope you like my metal mouth though. 

However, do enjoy some pictoral updates. 🙂 








Signing off with much love!


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