Fire And Rain

“But I always thought that I’d see you again.”

I have never been affected by a celebrity death before. Not to this degree.

Cory Monteith, 1982-2013.

I have been watching Glee religiously since they first aired the Pilot episode.

He never meant much to me. Not until Season 3. When he portrayed everything I was and wished to be.

He had no goals. He felt talentless.

But he did what he could. He sacrificed whatever he had for others. He showed affection and care towards everyone.

When Season 4 was airing, Finn and I were in the process of finding ourselves.

We found our purpose in the end.

Now Finn is gone.

I cried heaps during the tribute episode. It’s silly, I know.

But it reminded me, yet again, how life can be ripped away from us in an instant.

Love those around you. Appreciate them. Spread positivity and love.

Don’t judge, don’t ostracize.

Everyone has a high and low in life.

Never, ever wish death or misery upon them. Especially if you think they “deserve it”.

No one deserves to be miserable.

We miss you, Cory.


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