Some Nights

Some nights, thoughts just consume me. Life’s questions, doubts and apprehensions surround me, like wisps of clouds shrouding a setting sun.

My mind utters the usual “what if”s, the “why”s and the “why not”s. My emotions are downcast, my expression is crestfallen.

It’s just one of those nights.

No one understands. I am let down over and over again. But somehow or the other, I muster up the courage to trust again. To trust that somewhere out there, someone gets it. Someone gets me. Sometimes I wonder if this trust will dwindle over time, but it really doesn’t seem to. Amazing, it’s like a miracle.


Sorry I haven’t been updating much, and that this is the update that you are going to get. Something cryptic, something subpar. I promise I will come up with something better. My new semester has started and I am all but motivated.

I just want to be inspired. Today, my quest for inspiration begins.


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