When Will You Know?


Life offers a myriad of questions, the “what ifs” the “whys” the “how did it happen”s. The most daunting one of them all,

When will I know?

A question so loaded with doubt, hesitance and uncertainty. A question that anticipates an event, but unclear of when an action should be taken.

It could be something as simple as, “When do I know when to use this formula?” Or something more complex, like “When do I know it’s time to give up on him?”

For me, it is “When do I know I should let go of my dreams?” I know dreams are not meant to be given up on. I know dreams don’t come easy. People try to downplay my dreams and write them off as “petty” or “unrealistic”. On this side of the world, opportunities are slim. But I have held strong to this dream for the past few years. Sure, my stand was wavering when I was much younger, but people mature.

But does maturity come when you’ve mapped out your life or does maturity come when you’ve come to a realization that dreams change, that certain hopes are unrealistic, and that things don’t always go to plan?

No one really knows where the cut off point between childhood and maturity is. Days like today, I wish I still had that child-like innocence. When one dream was all I needed, and that the future was an “adult” problem I could write off.

So when will I know?


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