Hong Kong Day 1: The Arrival

So I went to Hong Kong for a few days before Christmas! I spent a day in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where I transited. I still stand by what I said before; that KK is nothing like Kuching and their accents take so much getting used to. For some reason, AirAsia schedules flights to Hong Kong and Taiwan really early in the morning so I had to get up at 4am to catch my BKI-HKG flight. And what an arduous three-hour journey it was. Thankfully, the flight was only half full so “for safety reasons” I was allowed to have a whole row of seats to myself on the plane.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My view from thousands of feet up in the sky en route to HKG

The Hong Kong airport is all kinds of cool and eons better than Malaysian international airports. The weather there was 13 degrees when I got there. WAY BETTER THAN THE HUMID 30 DEGREES IN KUCHING.

 2015-01-02 14.32.26

Swarovski Christmas tree taken at Hong Kong International Airport

Because we were on a private tour, the tour agent, Cat City Holidays (in Kuching, duh) chartered a bus for just us. I don’t know why big cities have their airports so far away from the city centre, because it took over an hour, including traffic, for us to get from the airport to Kowloon where we were staying. Our tour guide spoke in a mix of Mandarin and Cantonese, much to my horror because I am inarticulate in both. Every time he explained something I had to look at any of my family members who also had difficulty understanding him because the Chinese there is so different? So we used our deduction skills to decipher his speech. We stayed in Metropark Kowloon, which was pretty decent. My room had a twin bed and a single bed, and it had the grand view of the back of buildings which I assume is from Ladies’ Market, Mong Kok.

That same evening, we went to meet a slew of celebrities, both Hollywood and Hong Kong icons.. I kid. We went to Madame Tussauds!


My mother and her would-be-lover, Andy Lau



My brother and cousin accosting Robert Pattinson


Adopt me plz


Tranny brother is a tranny


David Beckham, his fine ass and I are meant to be


Take a sad song and make it better!

It was great there because it was the first place we were all evening that was actually quite warm (other than the tour bus). In case you want to pay a visit to Madame Tussauds one day, it’s at Victoria Peak. Our tour guide equated Victoria Peak to Genting Highlands, because to get there, it’s a steep, winding and narrow road that takes you to a tourist attraction at the peak. On the way up, there are many houses that looked like they could have belonged to Jackie Chan himself– swanky, modern, and huge. So after Madame Tussauds, guess what was next?


This stunning view

The actual peak. I can’t believe we had to pay to see this view, but we did. And it was not worth whatever we paid because we spent 5 minutes there and left. The weather there was insane– it was 8°C! Clearly, we weren’t dressed for the temperature because we only anticipated temperatures between 13°C-16°C. To add insult to injury, there were strong winds and rain.

We left soon after to go to Victoria Harbour, where we watched another amazing view. The temperature at ground level was much more bearable at 11°C, and I loved it, even despite the rain.


Another breathtaking view!


Family photo featuring some crazy red eye shit

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Red-eyed monster

And that’s all for Day 1 in Hong Kong! We got back to Metropark Kowloon where we were staying, and after I took a warm shower, I passed out on my bed before 12am. I actually have way more pictures in my computer, but most of them are quite repetitive, and I don’t want to make this post longer than it really is. Day 2 post coming up!

Author: Natalie Ha

I remember being enthralled with the written word ever since my parents started reading fairytales to me at a young age. Seeing the power it has to influence behaviours and mindsets, I have learned, over the years, to translate my thoughts onto paper, in an attempt to positively disrupt the lives of others. Having my written works published in various forms of media has empowered me to weave stories that people can resonate with. I look forward to the life-long process of perfecting this craft, and hope to see my work touch the hearts of many in the future. This blog attempts to do just that - and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy penning it down.

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