The (short-lived) Homecoming

HOMEIt has been a month since my big move into the city, and after four weeks of grappling with the complete solitude, I finally feel like I have assimilated into my workplace and adapted to life alone.

This is why the thought of going home did not feel as exciting as it did when I first booked my flight tickets. Don’t get me wrong, going home was something I looked forward to– but for the first time, I felt like I was going to be all right even if I did not get to go home this weekend.

In typical Sarawakian fashion, I darted into a chocolate store at the airport to buy imported chocolate back home for my family and his. There, the excitement started building up. I thought to myself, I can’t wait for them to have all these things.

However, I boarded the flight feeling indifferent. The excitement wore off as quickly as it came. In the departure hall, I could hear people speaking in Sarawakian Hokkien and Bahasa Sarawak. Oh, the familiar comfort, I thought. I didn’t need to be excited; that comfort was all that I needed.

Upon boarding, I looked out the window to watch the beautiful Kuching skyline pass me by. Of course, that is nothing compared to what I get living in KL, but somehow– Kuching beamed with a quiet pride that KL just can’t seem to compare to.

Finally, as I watched the plane descend into Kuching, it hit me. I am home. I rushed out of the plane and into the immigration hall, and promptly jogged my way into the arrivals lounge, where I was greeted by the familiar faces which I call home.

Traveling the narrow roads in Kuching at a snail’s pace and seeing Sarawakian car plates brought a surge of nostalgia, and a little unfamiliarity. It’s funny how being gone for only a month can turn you into a stranger in your own home.

It was amazing to be greeted by faces that were happy to see me, and seeing places that are all-too-familiar. That night, I went to bed feeling immensely loved. I was finally in the warm embrace of home.

I woke up the next morning in my own bed, and it truly felt like I had never left. The familiar sounds of birds chirping and construction noises from across my balcony replaced the silence I normally hear as I awake at 5am every day– and it suddenly felt like it was a privilege that I could listen to a medley of sounds as I wake.

That weekend was one of the best weekends I had in the past month or so. I got to spend time with my family, I managed to help my love out with his stall, and most of all, I finally felt a sense of home and belonging after a long month of adjusting and adapting.

More than ever, I have been rejuvenated, and now I am ready to face the next three weeks ahead of me.


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